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Insanity Nutrition Guide


Ever heard of Insanity? If not, Google “Insanity Workout” and read up on how the workout program promises weight loss and a better looking body in 60 days. That, or stay up late one night and you’re bound to see a television infomercial for it. No matter how many times I’ve seen it pop up on T.V., I’m still oddly captivated by how everyday people get staggering results.

But is it really as “simple” as just doing the workouts, which, to me looks about as easy as lifting a monster truck with my pinky? No. And no insanity workout review would be a fair assessment if it didn’t emphasize the importance of the free insanity nutrition guide download that accompanies the program.

My skepticism melted away as I reviewed the 52 page insanity nutrition guide pdf download. I thought id’ be suggesting that carbohydrates are the enemy, all fats are evil, and taking 500 calories a day for months will do the trick for weight loss. I also thought it wouldn’t be surprising if they threw in a FREE insanity workout calendar with ‘specially formulated’ miracle drinks to promote extreme weight loss IF YOU BUY NOW! (Sorry, those infomercials have an odd grip on my brain.)

Thankfully, I was so, so wrong. Short of going to see a dietitian for expert advice, the insanity nutrition guide printable manual presents safe nutrition advice that’s fairly easy to follow and not too intimidating. It offers a systematic approach to tailoring each person’s unique calorie needs, goals, and emphasizes variety and hydration as key to good health. Honestly? I had to read it a couple times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming or not catching some fine, fine print.

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My favorite aspects of the insanity nutrition guide:

  • Uses a predictive equation to estimate resting energy expenditure based on a person’s unique characteristics including gender, height, weight, age
  • Takes into account people’s different activity level and increases caloric requirements
  • Suggests a 500 calorie/day deficit to promote steady weight loss of 1 pound/week, which is safe and sustainable versus dramatic hypo-caloric diets that often result in rebound weight gain
  • Promotes 3 meals and 2 snacks, totaling 5 meals a day spread several hours at a time, with meal ideas that have protein, carbohydrate, and vegetables/fruit
  • Emphasizes lean proteins, low-fat dairy, healthy fat additions, complex carbohydrate food choices over saturated fats and refined sugars

Looking for the insanity nutrition guide printable version?

Go to: http://www.teamunify.com/cast/__doc__/Insanity%20Nutrition%20Guide.pdf

(I want to be sure we’re looking at the same document, in case there are other insanity nutrition guide manuals out there.)


The bottom line is:

  • Nutrition is the foundation of good health, whether or not you do insanity
  • You are unique, so your eating plan needs to match your needs and goals, not ‘that guy in the infomercial ‘ or ‘your cousin Suzie’ or ‘uncle Frank’
  • Follow the insanity nutrition guide if you are doing the insanity workouts. It just makes sense to do the program in its entirety. Is it really realistic to expect 100% results from doing 50% of the work?