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Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Parties & Holidays

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Hurray! Another holiday season is upon us and there’s a reason to party, get together with old friends, and recall stories of the past and talk about plans for the future. Good times, indeed. Don’t let the holidays bring a damper to your party because you’re worried about putting on weight. Remember, during the holidays, wanting to lose weight fast isn’t realistic. The goal should be to maintain your current weight until the holidays have past, and then resume your weight loss pursuits. Following the healthy living tips below will be much easier and more effective than any diet plan you’ll encounter.


1. Before arriving at a party, have a small snack so you’re not starving on arrival. Curb your appetite with some cheese and crackers or veggies and hummus or yogurt with fruit about an hour before your party. It’ll prevent overeating, guaranteed. (Note: Having a protein-containing snack between lunch and dinner is one of those healthy lifestyle habits that help curb cravings and prevent overeating whether you’re headed home for a ‘regular meal’ or a party!)

2. Tackle the buffet table with some tact. For the first round, fill your plate with vegetables, fruits, lean meats and small amounts of starch. If you go for a second round, choose small portions of other foods, which shouldn’t be too hard at this point since you’ll likely be getting full already from your first healthy plate.

3. Many popular “diets that work for sure” over restrict portion sizes and make it difficult for people to sustain healthy living while achieving their weight goals. Instead of following a strict regime that’s hard to maintain, use ‘the plate method’ as a guide. Fill your plate with half vegetables, a quarter lean protein, and a quarter grains at each meal.

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4. Cocktail parties mean finger foods. The best healthy eating tips involve helping people become more mindful of their eating. Be very selective of what you place in your plate because chances are you’ll nibble at it without thinking how much you’re consuming. Choose raw veggies like cucumber, broccoli florets and baby carrots, which are nutritionally dense but low in calories. If you’re feeling extra motivated, skip the dip.

5. Alcoholic beverages still fit into this ‘diet plan’ but take it in moderation. Generally, men are allowed up to 2 standard drinks per day while women have their maximum set at 1-1.5 standard drinks per day. Calories from drinks can add up, so try to choose drinks mixed with diet pop or club soda versus juices and regular sodas.

6. Start a new holiday tradition by building physical activity into the celebration festivities. Healthy lifestyle choices require daily commitment. With the support of family and friends, the process will be much more enjoyable and everyone you care about will reap the benefits of better health too! Ideas of where to start include: Before serving dinner, have everyone go for a half hour walk together instead of sitting around the couch. It’ll be a great way to relieve stress and boost your metabolism a bit before eating. For more exercise tips, consider going to your local fitness center and asking one of the class instructors or personal trainers.

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