GM Diet Plan for Weight Loss


In short, this diet scares me. I blurted out, “Are you kidding me?” a couple times in my head.

The GM diet menu consists of no alcohol, but plenty of water as basic rules, coupled with a strict 7 day plan that promises rapid weight loss, improved energy levels, and detoxification. There are modified plans such as the “GM diet plan for Indians” and “GM diet plan vegetarian” available that include respective GM diet charts and GM diet tips. Interestingly, the GM diet plan Indian version has gained popularity since its development in 1985.

A quick summary of the GM detox diet

(and my concerns below each day)

Day 1: unlimited fruits, no bananas, melons preferred

  • Diabetics beware! This is NOT for you! Fruits contain carbohydrate, which causes sugar spikes when taken in large amounts or not coupled with a protein source. Taking an unlimited amount for a day will lead to hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and cause damage to the intricate blood vessels that carry blood to all parts of your body, including your retinas and kidneys.

Day 2: potatoes for breakfast, vegetables for lunch and dinner

  • Again, not appropriate for diabetics.
  • Also, not for people with renal (kidney disease) because of the high potassium and phosphorus content, both of which need to be individualized depending on the person’s bloodwork.

Day 3: unlimited vegetables and fruit, vegetable soup encouraged

  • Day 3 without protein, which will lead to feelings of hunger, weakness, soreness, and low energy. Not a good combination for people not in good health, are battling a short-term or long term illness, caring for young children or the elderly or driving to and from work!
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Day 4: 3 glasses of milk and up to 8 bananas, small bowl of vegetable soup at dinner encouraged

  • I struggle with the logic of this one. 3 glasses of milk a day is a good thing. 8 bananas? If it’s a means to replenish potassium, there’s no need given potassium is in the fruits, potatoes, and vegetables encouraged on the first three days. Why introduce a surge here?

Day 5: 2, 10oz beef portions with 6 whole tomatoes, drink more water today

  • The extra water is for washing out the added uric acid produced as a byproduct of breaking down protein. More water is always good – no complaints here.
  • Protein…finally! But now there’s no carbohydrate! One day for healthy folk is alright, but diabetics, don’t do it. This will lead to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and is dangerous to try!

Day 6: unlimited beef and vegetables

  • Vegetables – no problem. If no starchy vegetables are chosen though, there’s no carbs again!
  • Unlimited beef? I fail to see how saturated fat in large amounts qualifies as detox.

Day 7: some brown rice okay, unlimited fruit juice and vegetables

  • No protein means feeling hungry sooner, and often.

This is undoubtedly another rapid weight loss fad diet that should not be tried. Its strategy is simply not sustainable and will likely lead to rebound weight gain. Despite the claims of improved energy, I believe that most people will feel less energetic and for some, downright crummy because of the lack of calories and imbalance of carbohydrates and protein over a week. In fact, because of the ‘unlimited’ amounts of food allowed on different days, I struggle with even saying weight loss is guaranteed. As for detox? The guideline of increased water intake and high fruit/vegetable intake are good ideas with poor execution.

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Sorry to be so harsh, makers of the GM diet plan. Your intentions were good and I’m sure some people have benefited from the GM diet tips, but the risks far outweigh the benefits from my perspective. Call me a biased professional, but I stand by gradual weight loss done in a sustainable manner through balanced meals and an increase in physical activity – Hands down.