protein-smoothie articles

Protein Smoothie for the Win

Stop for a moment and consider your favorite smoothie. What’s…
March 6, 2015/by Angel Luk
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Precision Engineered Whey Protein – Yay or Nay?

In the world of whey protein, there’s a lot of debate over…
March 4, 2015/by Angel Luk
female-runner articles

Nutrition for Runners – Just in Time for the Vancouver Sun Run

Nutrition for athletes has been researched and explored since…
January 28, 2015/by Angel Luk
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Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Parties & Holidays

  Hurray! Another holiday season is upon us and there’s…
November 28, 2014/by Angel Luk
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Insanity Nutrition Guide

Ever heard of Insanity? If not, Google “Insanity Workout”…
October 11, 2014/by Angel Luk
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Alligga Flaxseed Oil Joy TV Commercial

Dearest FoodMysteries Readers, Thank you for all your continued…
June 16, 2014/by Angel Luk
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Healthy Grocery List – Shopping Smarts

Grocery shopping can be such a chore after a busy day running…
June 15, 2014/by Angel Luk
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GM Diet Plan for Weight Loss

In short, this diet scares me. I blurted out, “Are you kidding…
June 13, 2014/by Angel Luk
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Green Smoothie Recipes

Green smoothies are a great way to get more vegetables into your…
June 12, 2014/by Angel Luk
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Is There Such a Thing as Best Multivitamins For Men?

One trip to your local drug store and you’ll realize that there…
June 11, 2014/by Angel Luk
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Plant Sterols Lowering Cholesterol – True or False?

Plant sterols, also known as phytosterols, are compounds that…
June 10, 2014/by Angel Luk
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How Much Sodium Per Day is Healthy?

Deep down, I think we all know that having less salt in our diet…
June 9, 2014/by Angel Luk
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Fun and Easy Recipes for Kids

Kids can be the harshest critic. Their brute honesty can cut…
June 8, 2014/by Angel Luk
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Best Prenatal Multivitamin – What to Look For

I think I've mentioned before that looking at the supplement…
June 7, 2014/by Angel Luk
Stevia_rebaudiana_flowers articles

Stevia Side Effects – How Safe is Stevia for Your Pregnancy?

Artificial sugar sweeteners have been around for a long time.…
June 6, 2014/by Angel Luk
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How Much Weight Should I Gain During Pregnancy?

Let's be honest. Weight gain is not the most popular topic for…
June 5, 2014/by Angel Luk
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Folate and Folic Acid Before, During, and After Pregnancy

What is Folate or Folic Acid? Folate and folic acid are (almost)…
June 4, 2014/by Angel Luk
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Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Need More of This Nutrient

Many people have heard about the heart healthy effects of omega-3…
June 3, 2014/by Angel Luk
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Pregnancy Foods to Avoid – A New Mom’s Must Read!

As someone who wants to start a family one day, I'm often weary…
June 2, 2014/by Angel Luk
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Dash Diet Recipes & More

Here is one diet that dietitians gladly stand behind and enforce…
May 26, 2014/by Angel Luk