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Top 5 Best Weight Gainer Tips

Believe it or not, not everyone wants to lose weight. In fact, many people struggle to put weight on. I’ve met many adult men who have been skinny their entire lives and would give anything to put on extra pounds. There are also people recovering from an illness where they lost a lot of weight […]

Best Pre Workout Meal

Proper nutrition is important for everyone who is physically active. Whether you’re attending a weekly community center fitness class or training five days a week for a sporting event, eating well ensures you get the most out of your training. It is especially important for those who exercise for longer than one hour each time […]

Build Your Best Body Nutrition Plays a Huge Role

Step one to building your best body ever would be to stop comparing yourself against magazine cover models.   Step two is to unlearn what you’ve probably heard in the past about needing to make HUGE lifestyle changes in order to achieve the body you’ve always wanted.   Step three is to keep an open […]


How Much Sugar Per Day am I Allowed?

  Here’s the skinny on sugar.   There are many different types: granulated sugar: white or brown milled sugar: icing sugar screened sugar: decorating sugar sugar cubes: granulated sugar pressed into a block shape liquid sugar: syrups artificial sugar: not really sugar, but rather a sugar substitute such as aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, and stevia*   […]

Your Essential Guide to Instant Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, almost everyone tells me they wouldn’t mind losing a couple pounds. And truth be told, sometimes I feel the same way. That’s why the weight loss industry has grown by exponential proportions by marketing instant weight loss diets, tips, recipes, pills, you name it!   So why am I […]