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Gluten Allergy Symptoms versus Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms

  Gluten Allergy Symptoms Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms Bloating cramps fatigue anemia chronic diarrhea weight loss irritability Bloating cramps fatigue headaches paresthesia (tingling in extremities) dermatitis herpetiformis (rare) – an intense burning and itching rash   As you can see, many gluten allergy (also known as Celiac Disease) and gluten sensitivity (also known as gluten intolerance) […]


Can the FODMAP Diet really help with IBS?

The FODMAP diet was developed in 1999 by Dr.Sue Shepard for people dealing with the uncomfortable symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, which includes abdominal pain or bloating, excessive wind (flatulence), changes in bowel pattern (constipation, diarrhoea, or a combination of both) and other types of gastrointestinal discomfort. Today, the FODMAP diet has been recognized as […]

Love Chinese Food but Not the Salt and Fat?

I love Chinese food. And I know many of you do as well.   One of the best things about Chinese food recipes is that they’re packed in flavor from the deliberate blending of sauces, spices and oils, matched with culinary skilll to turn ordinary ingredients into masterpieces. The upside is deliciousness. The downside is […]

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Spice Up Your Health with Indian Food

Traditional Indian food is filled with amazing spices and ingredients that are not only delicious, but may also carry health benefits as well! A little while ago, my colleagues and I did a project where we researched how common spices used in South Indian cooking may be beneficial to your health. Here’s a quick synopsis […]

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally Through Food

When it comes to eating well for our hearts, everyone can start making better choices. The sad part is, most people don’t change their poor eating habits until after they start having heart pain, a heart attack or stroke. To be fair, I enjoy going for burgers and eggs benedict too, but I gotta tell […]

Basic Introduction to Diabetes Management

The following is for basic information purposes only. Please consult your physician for your customized diabetes management plan or ask for a referral to your local diabetes center. For additional information for yourself or a loved one with diabetes, visit www.diabetes.ca.     To maintain steady blood sugars, there are a few key strategies to […]

Canada’s National Nutrition Month

In Canada, the national nutrition month is in March. The Dietitians of Canada collaborates with their official sponsors to determine a theme and launches a campaign to promote healthy eating habits for all Canadians. Many Canadians are benefiting from the consumer friendly resources put forth by each year’s campaign and enjoy the fact that the […]

IBS Treatment for People Living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a condition characterized by gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms such as abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and cramping. To date, the cause for IBS remains unclear. Some known risk factors include stress, poor immune system, medications, and hormones (such as serotonin) as these can aggravate the body’s GI system.   Some people […]

Tips on How to Boost Your Immune System

In beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, we have been experiencing an incredibly beautiful autumn season. The sun has been shining and there’s been very little rainfall. Even still, the temperature drop has triggered many children and adults to get sick.   If you’re one of such people or know someone who is under the weather, be […]