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Dash Diet Recipes & More

Here is one diet that dietitians gladly stand behind and enforce to patients wishing to lower their blood pressure.  Many people have high blood pressure (also known as hypertension), but not everyone knows how to keep their blood pressure under control.   Dash Diet for High Blood Pressure Tips: Aim for a healthy weight (Body […]

You WILL NOT BELIEVE What’s In This Pasta!

How many of you have ever stepped into your kitchen around 5pm-ish only to find that the fridge is pretty bare and nothing in the cupboards seem to appeal to you (or your family). I call it the “What’s For Dinner?” conversation that goes a something like this: Someone at home: “What’s for dinner?” Me: […]


Spring Quinoa Recipe with Only 5 Ingredients!

Spring is finally upon us! Let’s keep our fingers (and our toes) crossed to make sure our lovely west coast weather lately is here to stay! Warmer weather almost always makes me crave simple, light flavoured foods. Hearty home-cooked winter dishes like stews, soups and braised meats had their time to shine, so it’s definitely […]

Why Skipping Meals to Lose Weight Backfires on You

Today I received an excellent question that begs an immediate response. If eating excessive calories leads to weight gain, then why wouldn’t skipping meals lead to weight loss? After all, it’s just a numbers game….isn’t it? Actually, it’s not quite that simple. Here’s why. In order to manage our weight successfully, we need to condition […]

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Best Tea for Your Health

When it comes to drinking tea, every culture in the world has its own opinion of what’s the healthiest. So among all the varieties out there – black, green, white, red, herbal, oolong – plus the mixes and blends at gourmet tea shops, which one TRULY offers the most health benefits? Overall, studies have found […]


Do Foods That Burn Belly Fat Really Exist?

Popular claims such as “foods that burn belly fat and increase metabolism,” “32 foods that burn belly fat fast,” and a personal favourite, “shocking foods that burn belly fat” are easy to write, but so far, there is no research to support these bold statements. Burning fat is hard. It takes commitment and determination. Think […]