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Protein Smoothie for the Win

Stop for a moment and consider your favorite smoothie. What’s in it?  Is there protein? Or is it simply fruit and water? If not, you’re missing out.  Actually, you’re missing out big time.   Why? Smoothies are an opportunity for better nutrition, if and when they are made right. Smoothies made without much protein will […]

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Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Parties & Holidays

  Hurray! Another holiday season is upon us and there’s a reason to party, get together with old friends, and recall stories of the past and talk about plans for the future. Good times, indeed. Don’t let the holidays bring a damper to your party because you’re worried about putting on weight. Remember, during the […]

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Insanity Nutrition Guide

Ever heard of Insanity? If not, Google “Insanity Workout” and read up on how the workout program promises weight loss and a better looking body in 60 days. That, or stay up late one night and you’re bound to see a television infomercial for it. No matter how many times I’ve seen it pop up […]


GM Diet Plan for Weight Loss

In short, this diet scares me. I blurted out, “Are you kidding me?” a couple times in my head. The GM diet menu consists of no alcohol, but plenty of water as basic rules, coupled with a strict 7 day plan that promises rapid weight loss, improved energy levels, and detoxification. There are modified plans […]

Is There Such a Thing as Best Multivitamins For Men?

One trip to your local drug store and you’ll realize that there are countless options for multivitamins. But what would be the best multivitamin for men’s health? What are the factors to consider? Most importantly, remember that a multivitamin is like any other supplement, you only require it if you’re not meeting your vitamin and […]