Food Mysteries’ mission is encourage people to eat well and experience greater health so that they are energized in making a positive difference in the world.

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Food Mysteries’ goal is to help people make better eating choices by starting where they are. Living in the first world, Angel knows first hand that nutrition information (and misinformation) is constantly bombarding us. There’s no escaping people or companies that want to tell us what to eat, how much, and why they think it’ll cure us of all our problems. The truth is, it’s becoming harder and harder to know what the truth is! So if you’re tired of searching the internet for reliable information on what’s true and what’s not….you’ve found it.

As a registered dietitian, Angel doesn’t just tell you what to eat, she ensures you understand the “why” behind her recommendations. Often, people give up on eating well because they want quick fixes to big problems and when there are no results, they jump ship and seek out something else that promises instant success. Just as poor eating habits aren’t developed overnight, so too does developing new habits and unlearning bad ones take time. Otherwise, any bit of success will quickly fade since the root causes of the problems were never addressed.

So join us in the movement to demystifying what healthy eating is all about and take a proactive approach in leading a more energized life. Share what you hear about food and eating and let’s solve these food mysteries together! Remember, there’s no s_ccess without “u.”