Partner Projects & Initiatives

How else are we contributing to the nutrition world?

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Sports Nutrition Book

Angel, founder of Food Mysteries, is also the author of the book “You Can’t Out-Train A Bad Diet,” where she transforms the big world of sport nutrition into bite-size pieces for easy digestion (pardon the pun)! Whether you’re recreationally fit or a professional athlete, sometimes it’s nice to relax, lean back, and read just the essentials.

Learn how you can support your training with good eating habits so you can reach the next level in your performance and overall health.

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Accredited Culinary Medicine Program

“The Physician in the Kitchen” is a program with workshops dedicated to educating physicians and other health care professionals in an innovative and engaging way by integrating nutritional theory; chef-led demonstrations; and hands-on kitchen work in a communal and interactive learning environment. You can find out more here.

These workshops are accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the BC Chapter.

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Sports Nutrition Resource Hub

Food Mysteries’ partner site, Sports Nutrition World, is a “one stop shop” where athletes can go to search for recipes, downloadable handouts, how-to articles, and find general as well as sport-specific information.

Nutrition is such a critical part of sport performance that it needs to be taken just as seriously as the rest of an athlete’s training plan. Choosing to make good food choices should be kept simple, not complicated.

This athlete-centered information hub provides credible and research-based information to help individuals pursue excellence in their sport. Learn more here.